Monday, March 12, 2012

Cloth 1.0 You Come get the Voodoo

My clothies are my oldest characters,  and I've been saving some RP stuff on them for a long time.  Sadly, some of these outfits you can no longer obtain in game - the ones that are no longer available I will be showing alternative pieces for.   Also this is actually a good thing.  Instead of every person wearing the same full set of Tier gear (you know the one i'm talking about)  we can build sets off these pieces and really stand out as distinct.   So hopefully, you've been a pack rat like me and stored some of these things for a while, and if not we can try to get you close to the same look so you won't be one of those bland followers!

You come get the Voodoo...

Item #1 - NLA (No Longer Available) = Zealot's Robe
Exact copy alternatives:  Watcher's Robes  &  Brightcloth Robe
For each of these sets, on a female (males do not show the additional slit on the hip area)  any thigh-high style pants can be substituted in place of 
Wanderer's Stitched Trousers - see this page (same model as tab): 
Wanderer's Stitched Trousers + alternatives

Pants of the Naaru, are super-easy to work with if you still have them around.

Voodoo: Green Earth

+ cape

Voodoo: Resilient Brown

Voodoo: Silksand

If you're having trouble obtaining the Belt of Arcane Storms - you can use the 
Silksand Girdle in the meantime (check AH). 

This outfit also looks decent on Males, and isn't super-frilly, to appease their manly selves.



Very Sailor Moon-esque complete with stars & sparklies.

My priest sporting this look out in the World:
Tempest Keep, farming for the mount with Shandy.

Dalaran City, taking scenic pics on the flight master's seal/landing pad.

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