Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leather - 2.1 Darkmoon Faire Purple Carnie Stylin

Darkmoon Faire Purple Carnie stylin'

Love the Darkmoon Faire rich royal purple color, which started me looking for gear in this lovely color.   
And you gotta love the eccentric, ecletic look of carnies.   

This set has several variations, so i'm going to show the base for the set and then add to it.

Carnie Base 
Left - Swiftstrike Bracers   
Middle - front view showing Flickering Wristbands
Right - Flickering Wristbands

For the purposes of expediency, (and also because they don't really show) I am going to use the Swiftstrike Bracers for the rest of these sets. 

Party Carnie A 1

If you are going to use the Nightshade Spaulders, I recommend using the Girdle of Treachery, to pull in all the purples together and because the shoulders have silver.
You may not care, however but matching hardware/metals sometimes makes the difference in looking great and looking thrown together. 
Also using the Dark Leather Cloak for the same purpose. 

A 2

Party Carnie A 2

Same as A 1 with Supreme Shoulders

A 3

Party Carnie A 3
For whatever reason this cloak will not show up in model viewer on wowhead - I will try to post a screenshot so you can see what it actually looks like.

Druid only for next look 
Deep Purple Carnie (druid only)

Deep Purple Carnie  (Druid only)

That's How I Roll

Sorry Hordies! >.< 

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  1. Do you remember what pieces you used for the head, chest and feet? The purple is beautiful!