Friday, February 3, 2012

Mail Call 3

Last Mail call for a bit while we get into Leather and Cloth:

UPDATE:  2/3/12

I have recently changed my shaman's resto set to this:
(please note these armor items are available to any mail wearing class - however offhands, maces, and shields are not.)
Just wish they would fix the bra showing bug!

My favorite choice of shield is Drillborer Disk  and Fel Barrier (exact match to Skullflame Shield),  however I am currently still using the Heroic Goblet from FL until I get my upgrade shield, but I am farming MC's Garr and MT's Nexus-Prince for these two awesome shields.

Bra/underwear showing Bug: 
If you are also having this issue, please for the love of Azeroth, post on this forum (link below) for the Devs so they will fix this bug or at least make a Blue Post stating that it was intended.  
I'm posting some example pics as well on mine.   =)

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