Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Luscious Leather - 1

Yes, I even transmogged my druid.   I can't help it, i'm addicted.  
<Please excuse the white-out.>

Cadaverous - This one is the main set that you can farm in Scholomance.  Very easy.  
It will take some time though to get all of the pieces, unless you are extremely lucky!  
The good part is... it's not a heroic dungeon so you can reset several times an hour.  

Variation 1
Cadaverous Variation 1 

The eyepatch I used was from BRD.   The staff was the only "druid-y" black staff I found and I think was from a quest.   Shoulders from Maraudon (start from the middle entrance - Earth Song Falls).   Also, wearing the Wound Dressing shirt available for purchase in Dalaran (first aid training area). 

Variation 2
Cadaverous Variation 2
This is the same pieces from the set above except for the helm, which is from Gruul's Lair. 

Oh... and another note... as you can see in the pics... these pants do not actually look green in game.   (for some reason wowhead's model viewer makes them look green). 

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