Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coming Soon™

So....  my dog tore her ACL and just had surgery.    


Anyway, I haven't been on much to post, but I will be finishing up with another Mail page,  (possibly)  and moving on to Leather and Cloth.    

Hope you guys have been enjoying my designs!  

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mail Call - Goats in Space 2

~*~*~ Leia ~*~*~

And who can forget the sexiest space diva of all Princess Leia, in her concubine outfit?

While you won't find anything so delicate as that skirt of wispy translucent in mail armor choices, we can get a close version of her top.  

Leia Masterwork

Items used: Leia Masterwork

Leia Merciless

Items used: Leia Merciless

Leia Radiant

Items used: Leia Radiant

Leia Engraved

Items used: Leia Engraved

Design on a Dime: One great part about this set is the items mix and match well together. There are also several non-set pieces that match the same color scheme and blend well.  
For example, if you want your toon to look more intimidating, (or butch) try this:

So you want something more butch?  
Try this helm, a Quest reward - please note the top one on the dwarf is Alliance only version and the 2nd one is Horde only version.  
Gurn's Horned Helmet (Alliance Quest Reward)
Wild Horned Helm (Horde Quest Reward)

More Alternative Headgear

1. Hero's Band - also shown in Leia Engraved set above
2. Scalp of the Bandit Prince Heroic 391 - (the one shown above with the Leia Engraved set is the Normal 378 drop.) 
3. Firey Beholder Eye - (only one eyed goggle i've seen so far that doesn't require Engineering to make or wear)
4. Circlet of True Sight - the silver doesn't really match too well - however this is the only  time I have seen this particular type of circlet that wasn't in cloth.
5. {Shaman only} - Stormcaller's Diadem - part of the AQ shaman set 
(6.  see below)

So, I'm hoping to gather a version of this set for my hunter and i'm including the ranged weapons options I've found to match.   My hunter is going to be the Fiery Princess of Searing Arrows.   

This is the Leia Engraved set, with the cheap Runed Copper Bracers,  Crown of Flame (384 Normal drop),  and for the bows/crossbows, I'm still deciding which I want to use of: 
Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow (top left) - as far as I know this is still available for purchase in Netherstorm
Emberhawk Crossbow (bottom left)
Skyfire Hawk-Bow (bottom right)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mail Call - Goats in Space!!

~*~*~ Voyages of the U.S.S.  Sexerprise ~*~*~

Space.  The final frontier.   
Really have no idea why these outfits seem like a futuristic space uniform to me, but hey, at least they're not made of Lycra or Spandex! (even if the pants look like it!)

Commander of the Sexerprise

Items used: Commander Number One

Design on a Dime: the belt used here is Alliance only - the Horde version of this belt matches the Defender/Sundered set, and it is purchased from the vendor in Alterac Mountains area or inside Alterac Valley itself, for only 60 Honor Points.   
If you are Horde, use the belt from the next set instead.  

Items used:  Captain

Design on a Dime: Bloodmail Legguards  are the only solid black pants available to Mail armor class (at this time).   Although it says the drop rate is low, I had a tougher time collecting the Cadaverous pieces on my druid, during the 8 or so runs for that set, I saw these pants drop at least 3-4 times. (Too bad they're BoP!)   I believe my shaman picked up these pants on her 3rd Scholomance run thru.  

Random Pic:

Whoa now that's a HUGE fish!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mail Call - Samurai

~*~*~ Samurai ~*~*~

More fashion for the mail-minded.

Before you fall in love with this one, please note that at the current time it is not possible to get the T3 Helm and Shoulders from lvl 60 Naxx, since it is no longer in game.  (So far, no replica option, other than T7 - which doesn't match the colors for this set.)  If you have T3 stuff in your bank inventory... I hate you.  JK.  

[Shaman] Sexy Samurai

Items used: Sexy Samurai [Shaman]
It's probably totally possible to use the main set and substitute the helm and shoulders with something else that looks nice.  See below.

Sexy Samurai [any mail class]

Sexy Samurai variation 2 [any mail class]
Left: Warmonger's Cloak (Black)   Right: Cloak of the Gushing Wound (Red)

Items used: Sexy Samurai v2 [any mail class] (with both capes)

Design on a Dime: Bloodmail Legguards  are the only solid black pants available to Mail armor class (at this time).   Although it says the drop rate is low, I had a tougher time collecting the Cadaverous pieces on my druid, during the 8 or so runs for that set, I saw these pants drop at least 3-4 times. (Too bad they're BoP!)   I believe my shaman picked up these pants on her 3rd Scholomance run thru.  

Triple Threat

~*~*~*~  PVP  ~*~*~*~

I probably should have rolled on a RP server.   Actually, I got scared away from them when a couple of friends decided to take me over to Goldshire on Moon Guard a while back and show me a "good time". 

Anyway,   RP or not... I <3 transmog.     So of course I'm going to get a set for PVP as well.  
I mean cmon, most of the mail PVP sets are so ugly, you'd think the opposing team would run away in terror on sight! 
This is where my fashion strategy comes in.   Skimpy outfit = the opposing team has to stop and drool over your toon, therefore allowing your team the advantage!  
(My friend Xica says this hasn't worked for his NE female at all, but I personally think that has more to do with him being a priest who wtfpwns people a lot. ) 

This is probably one of THE skimpiest mail sets you will find:

Items used: Sundered Defender
This is a mix 'n' match set with Defender set and Sundered set. 

Design on a Dime:  Reusing other elements we have seen before, such as the Bandit Cloak, Renegade Circlet, Zom's Crackling Bulwark, No'Kaled the Elements of Death.  
(What can I say?  I like Blue and Purple.)  
Remember also, if you need a cheaper version of Zom's to look for Stormshield of Renewal.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: 

Dagger - Gladiator's Shanker - don't worry it's still in game!

Defender Shield - original shield, but I think Zom's matches better with the mixed set.

Also please note this design is for any mail wearing class. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shaman 2


So the Black Dragon Mail set was my focal point for this set. (which consists of a total of 4 pcs.)  However there are at least 3 complete sets in the Plate armor class - still not sure why Blizzard didn't just use those skins...but whatever.  It's just about impossible to find matching pieces with this color of black/green/chrome in mail, by the way.   

Items Used: Gothic Dragon set

Design on a Dime:  Rune-Engraved Belt  quest reward for both Horde and Alliance is an exact duplicate of Bonelink Belt - as with the other pieces of the Bonelink Mail set, which have insanely low droprates from farming, and even on a high-pop server like Kil'jaeden, that has at least 3 people in the xmog gear market,  I have only seen 1 or 2 in the Alliance AH.
Also substituted from the set - using Ebonhold Wristguards in place of the Bonelink Bracers.

Weapons of Mass Destruction:  Not really vital to this set, however the mace was all black so I liked that.  The shield I had sitting in the bank, purchased off the AH for cheap. 
Mountainside Buckler  looks really nice - but I would use a different weapon that matches the green or the pale metal yellow color.
Saronite Defender  the darker black on this one doesn't really match but still is okay

Gothic Dragon Variation B:
Variation B with Impenetrable Shoulders / Backside View  / Variation B with  Black Dragon shoulders

All in all I would prefer Variation B, however even on a high-pop server and farming on my own, I really have not seen much of the Impenetrable set or the Bonelink set pieces, so check AH frequently if you really like this one.  

Random pic:  
@ guild - "Can we please do FL mount achieves?  This Big Bird clashes with my xmog gear." 

Friday, January 20, 2012


~*~* Resto *~*~

So first things first.  Main set on Main Character.   
For my resto set I wanted something I could put together quickly, since I would primarily be using this gear set.   Love the Skyshatter Shaman T6 coloring and had to have the matching shield.   However at the time, my shammy was using an offhand item, so had to find something to match along with the whole vibe that was going on.  

Also showing the back.  

Items used: Skyshatter Regalia

Design on a Dime:  Now since I am Draenei, the boots don't show with the gown, and the bracers don't show with this pair of gloves.    Being the cheapskate I am, I reused boots and bracers from another set I was working with at the time.   If you are another race that the boots show on, you probably won't want to use the boots I have here.   Also  male characters may rather go with the original Skyshatter Cover, which I have substituted.   

Weapons of Mass Destruction:  Using a healer axe (no I wasn't lucky enough to ever see the FL one - so I have the Crescent Axe ) and Off-hand  Heroic Goblet of Anger.

Variation B:

Design on a Dime:  If you're finding this shield a bit too pricey in the AH, there is an exact duplicate available as a drop.  (Or if you're like me and would gladly farm instead of paying  someone in the AH.)

Weapons of Mass Destruction:  By this time I have upgraded to a mace and shield (Thank you Raid Finder)  and found I rather liked the color in Maw of the Dragonlord along with the rest of this set, so I haven't xmog'd it. 

Variation C: Spirit SkyWalker (hehe)

So along came my Tier 13 Helm (upgraded from Helm of the Nether Scion - 372 to 384 - hey, an upgrade is an upgrade)  and added this into the mix without xmog since it goes along nicely.  

Update:  Now I have my 4pc T13 set and love the bones and skulls so much I may hold on to this look for a while.  

In the beginning...

In the beginning...
There was WoW.   And RP.   And Now we have TRANSMOGRIFICATION!

This blog will be my collection of transmog fashions for World of Warcraft.  

And random pics from in game.  =D


Baby Nagas!