Sunday, February 19, 2012

Leather - 2.2 DMF Gypsy

Darkmoon Faire Gypsy
As far as I know - the Darkmoon Faire Replica Set pieces are not class specific - so these looks should be able to be used by any Leather wearing toon.
Also the tier set pieces used should all be from the look alike category, meaning any Leather wearing toon should be able to use these as well.

Party Gypsy
Twilight Dragonscale Cloak does not show properly in wowhead modelviewer - however this is what it would look like equipped/transmog'd:
Naturalglow modeling Twilight Dragonscale Cloak in the Dressing Room 

Gypsy Mystic

Feathered A1 
Feathered Gypsy A1  using Mistcape Cloak but including other (cloaks shown below)

Feathered A2
Feathered Gypsy A2 using Sunshower Light Cloak 

Feathered A3
Feathered Gypsy A3 using Dark Leather Cloak 

Feathered A4
Feathered Gypsy A4 using Twilight Dragonscale Cloak (doesn't show correctly in wowhead modelviewer)
Twilight Dragonscale Cloak looks like this:
Naturalglow modeling Twilight Dragonscale Cloak in the Dressing Room 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leather - 2.1 Darkmoon Faire Purple Carnie Stylin

Darkmoon Faire Purple Carnie stylin'

Love the Darkmoon Faire rich royal purple color, which started me looking for gear in this lovely color.   
And you gotta love the eccentric, ecletic look of carnies.   

This set has several variations, so i'm going to show the base for the set and then add to it.

Carnie Base 
Left - Swiftstrike Bracers   
Middle - front view showing Flickering Wristbands
Right - Flickering Wristbands

For the purposes of expediency, (and also because they don't really show) I am going to use the Swiftstrike Bracers for the rest of these sets. 

Party Carnie A 1

If you are going to use the Nightshade Spaulders, I recommend using the Girdle of Treachery, to pull in all the purples together and because the shoulders have silver.
You may not care, however but matching hardware/metals sometimes makes the difference in looking great and looking thrown together. 
Also using the Dark Leather Cloak for the same purpose. 

A 2

Party Carnie A 2

Same as A 1 with Supreme Shoulders

A 3

Party Carnie A 3
For whatever reason this cloak will not show up in model viewer on wowhead - I will try to post a screenshot so you can see what it actually looks like.

Druid only for next look 
Deep Purple Carnie (druid only)

Deep Purple Carnie  (Druid only)

That's How I Roll

Sorry Hordies! >.< 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Luscious Leather - 1

Yes, I even transmogged my druid.   I can't help it, i'm addicted.  
<Please excuse the white-out.>

Cadaverous - This one is the main set that you can farm in Scholomance.  Very easy.  
It will take some time though to get all of the pieces, unless you are extremely lucky!  
The good part is... it's not a heroic dungeon so you can reset several times an hour.  

Variation 1
Cadaverous Variation 1 

The eyepatch I used was from BRD.   The staff was the only "druid-y" black staff I found and I think was from a quest.   Shoulders from Maraudon (start from the middle entrance - Earth Song Falls).   Also, wearing the Wound Dressing shirt available for purchase in Dalaran (first aid training area). 

Variation 2
Cadaverous Variation 2
This is the same pieces from the set above except for the helm, which is from Gruul's Lair. 

Oh... and another note... as you can see in the pics... these pants do not actually look green in game.   (for some reason wowhead's model viewer makes them look green). 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mail Call 3

Last Mail call for a bit while we get into Leather and Cloth:

UPDATE:  2/3/12

I have recently changed my shaman's resto set to this:
(please note these armor items are available to any mail wearing class - however offhands, maces, and shields are not.)
Just wish they would fix the bra showing bug!

My favorite choice of shield is Drillborer Disk  and Fel Barrier (exact match to Skullflame Shield),  however I am currently still using the Heroic Goblet from FL until I get my upgrade shield, but I am farming MC's Garr and MT's Nexus-Prince for these two awesome shields.

Bra/underwear showing Bug: 
If you are also having this issue, please for the love of Azeroth, post on this forum (link below) for the Devs so they will fix this bug or at least make a Blue Post stating that it was intended.  
I'm posting some example pics as well on mine.   =)