Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cloth 2.0 Firey Autumn

This next cloth look has been through several stages to get to the final look I've chosen for my priest, which is the screenshot I submitted.  

Glowlite wearing Autumn


Red Riding Hood:

Firey Earth:
1AA. {link}

1BA. {link}

1BB. {link}

2AA. {link}

2BA. {link}

2BB. {link}

Fire Stone

Weapons / Accessories:

Technical difficulties.

Sorry about the delay... imgur's having issues lately everytime I'm finishing up a post. 

Here's a really old random pic from WoW.   
This is my buddy mount surfing ... was an interesting glitch and made a funny screenshot.
Also featuring my priest back at 80, when it was still a troll.  

And of course, now that I found my photobucket page and all... imgur is back up & working!! 
So on with the posting!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patty's : Lil'Shorty Mail

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I'm doing a special post on my favorite little green guys in WoW: Goblins!   

Every Goblin male's fantasy: 2 half-naked Goblin chicks on a bed & piles of gold!

Being a Lil'Shorty in real life,  (i'm 5'1")  I personally hate that my pants are always 6 inches too long, and even the petite section doesn't really help unless you're a waif.   
So this post is dedicated to the Lil'Shorty chicks out there with CURVES!   (- that also wear mail!)
[More Lil'Shorty posts for cloth, leather, & plate coming soon!]

Golden 1
Golden 1

Golden 2
Golden 2


Keeping with the Steampunk - style theme shield recommendations:

Gizlock's Hypertech Buckler

Pretty Purple


Still looking for more weapons & accessories for the rest of these sets - leave a comment if you have some recommendations!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update: Sunrise Mail

I submitted a few screenshots to's transmog gallery (link is now up on the list to the right).  One of the mail sets I posted is not one I have previously shared on here, and two cloth sets I'm still working on posts for, which will be coming up soon. 

So without further ado,  

Feralish, with Greysfang 



My other submissions:
Pixistyx wearing Sunset Mail

Glowlite wearing Green Earth Voodoo

Naturalglow wearing Deep Earth Purple + Black Ice + Deep Earth Grips (384/LFR version)

Glowlite wearing Autumn (coming soon!)

Glowlite wearing Confetti (coming soon!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cloth 1.0 You Come get the Voodoo

My clothies are my oldest characters,  and I've been saving some RP stuff on them for a long time.  Sadly, some of these outfits you can no longer obtain in game - the ones that are no longer available I will be showing alternative pieces for.   Also this is actually a good thing.  Instead of every person wearing the same full set of Tier gear (you know the one i'm talking about)  we can build sets off these pieces and really stand out as distinct.   So hopefully, you've been a pack rat like me and stored some of these things for a while, and if not we can try to get you close to the same look so you won't be one of those bland followers!

You come get the Voodoo...

Item #1 - NLA (No Longer Available) = Zealot's Robe
Exact copy alternatives:  Watcher's Robes  &  Brightcloth Robe
For each of these sets, on a female (males do not show the additional slit on the hip area)  any thigh-high style pants can be substituted in place of 
Wanderer's Stitched Trousers - see this page (same model as tab): 
Wanderer's Stitched Trousers + alternatives

Pants of the Naaru, are super-easy to work with if you still have them around.

Voodoo: Green Earth

+ cape

Voodoo: Resilient Brown

Voodoo: Silksand

If you're having trouble obtaining the Belt of Arcane Storms - you can use the 
Silksand Girdle in the meantime (check AH). 

This outfit also looks decent on Males, and isn't super-frilly, to appease their manly selves.



Very Sailor Moon-esque complete with stars & sparklies.

My priest sporting this look out in the World:
Tempest Keep, farming for the mount with Shandy.

Dalaran City, taking scenic pics on the flight master's seal/landing pad.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Legendary Staff ...Stuff!

My Alliance Shaman (ele/resto) Pixistyx, is in the process of getting the legendary staff, and I'm really excited about it, so I've been taking screenshots and Fraps-ing a bit.  {I know, I'm a dork, I can't help it!}    

                     So anyway,  the first part of the staff quest is to collect the Embers, which took me a really long time to get for a lot of different reasons, mostly procrastination.   
When you pick up the quest,  there's a pretty neat cutscene (cinematic) where Anachronos (I think?)  said I would be the one to defeat Deathwing!   {or whoever happens to be doing the quest}  And here's the pic to prove it!  

After gathering all the Embers, I had to go to The Nexus,  where Tarecgosa gave me a little tour... 
OH MAN!!!  That's COLD! 

Then I had to beat up on a dragon guy, which was kind of difficult for me.   Actually, with as many times as I tried to kill him, and failed, you would think I would have taken a pic or Fraps'd the fight, but noooo...   >.<   I did shout a lot at my friend in vent though when I finally beat him.  

Next, I had a little chat with Tarey outside in Coldarra.

So what were you doing again while I was handling that guy?  Taking a nap?!  WTF!!!

After that, I had to go back to Firelands, kill some bosses, charge some focuses or foci, {both are acceptable, btw - learn something new everyday!}
and then got to Kill the miniboss, and grab the Branch of Nordrassil.  
My Fel Barrier shield looked so awesome in giant tree form!!! {still no pics or videos - gawh!  /facepalm}
Took the Branch out to Amber Ledge, where me and my buddy, Kalecgos, were thuggin'.  


I made a video...but i'm still working on editing it.   

Check back later I will post it when I get finished!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leather ... to be continued...

By the way... Happy Late Valentine's Day!  

I will post more leather outfits later on, but for now I'll be skipping to Cloth outfits.

I'm also working on a How To: use Wowhead effectively for Transmog post,  and another post that I'll keep a surprise at the moment.   

In the meantime, check out  SEE ALSO (GEAR/XMOG SITES)!  {to the right}   
These are links to some great sites for transmog and such!