Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cloth 2.0 Firey Autumn

This next cloth look has been through several stages to get to the final look I've chosen for my priest, which is the screenshot I submitted.  

Glowlite wearing Autumn


Red Riding Hood:

Firey Earth:
1AA. {link}

1BA. {link}

1BB. {link}

2AA. {link}

2BA. {link}

2BB. {link}

Fire Stone

Weapons / Accessories:


  1. Very nice! I see that you have the same love of playing "Theme and Variations" with your outfits as I do ;) Sometimes, it is SO hard to choose which variation is the best!

    That said, my favorite from this group is the "Red Riding Hood" variation -- I think the quieter hood and shoulders allow the Watcher's Tunic to be more of a focus for the outfit.

  2. I love this. I've just been trying to find an outfit to match to this chest, and your sets look amazing!