Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mail Call - Goats in Space 2

~*~*~ Leia ~*~*~

And who can forget the sexiest space diva of all Princess Leia, in her concubine outfit?

While you won't find anything so delicate as that skirt of wispy translucent in mail armor choices, we can get a close version of her top.  

Leia Masterwork

Items used: Leia Masterwork

Leia Merciless

Items used: Leia Merciless

Leia Radiant

Items used: Leia Radiant

Leia Engraved

Items used: Leia Engraved

Design on a Dime: One great part about this set is the items mix and match well together. There are also several non-set pieces that match the same color scheme and blend well.  
For example, if you want your toon to look more intimidating, (or butch) try this:

So you want something more butch?  
Try this helm, a Quest reward - please note the top one on the dwarf is Alliance only version and the 2nd one is Horde only version.  
Gurn's Horned Helmet (Alliance Quest Reward)
Wild Horned Helm (Horde Quest Reward)

More Alternative Headgear

1. Hero's Band - also shown in Leia Engraved set above
2. Scalp of the Bandit Prince Heroic 391 - (the one shown above with the Leia Engraved set is the Normal 378 drop.) 
3. Firey Beholder Eye - (only one eyed goggle i've seen so far that doesn't require Engineering to make or wear)
4. Circlet of True Sight - the silver doesn't really match too well - however this is the only  time I have seen this particular type of circlet that wasn't in cloth.
5. {Shaman only} - Stormcaller's Diadem - part of the AQ shaman set 
(6.  see below)

So, I'm hoping to gather a version of this set for my hunter and i'm including the ranged weapons options I've found to match.   My hunter is going to be the Fiery Princess of Searing Arrows.   

This is the Leia Engraved set, with the cheap Runed Copper Bracers,  Crown of Flame (384 Normal drop),  and for the bows/crossbows, I'm still deciding which I want to use of: 
Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow (top left) - as far as I know this is still available for purchase in Netherstorm
Emberhawk Crossbow (bottom left)
Skyfire Hawk-Bow (bottom right)

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