Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shaman 2


So the Black Dragon Mail set was my focal point for this set. (which consists of a total of 4 pcs.)  However there are at least 3 complete sets in the Plate armor class - still not sure why Blizzard didn't just use those skins...but whatever.  It's just about impossible to find matching pieces with this color of black/green/chrome in mail, by the way.   

Items Used: Gothic Dragon set

Design on a Dime:  Rune-Engraved Belt  quest reward for both Horde and Alliance is an exact duplicate of Bonelink Belt - as with the other pieces of the Bonelink Mail set, which have insanely low droprates from farming, and even on a high-pop server like Kil'jaeden, that has at least 3 people in the xmog gear market,  I have only seen 1 or 2 in the Alliance AH.
Also substituted from the set - using Ebonhold Wristguards in place of the Bonelink Bracers.

Weapons of Mass Destruction:  Not really vital to this set, however the mace was all black so I liked that.  The shield I had sitting in the bank, purchased off the AH for cheap. 
Mountainside Buckler  looks really nice - but I would use a different weapon that matches the green or the pale metal yellow color.
Saronite Defender  the darker black on this one doesn't really match but still is okay

Gothic Dragon Variation B:
Variation B with Impenetrable Shoulders / Backside View  / Variation B with  Black Dragon shoulders

All in all I would prefer Variation B, however even on a high-pop server and farming on my own, I really have not seen much of the Impenetrable set or the Bonelink set pieces, so check AH frequently if you really like this one.  

Random pic:  
@ guild - "Can we please do FL mount achieves?  This Big Bird clashes with my xmog gear." 

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