Friday, January 20, 2012


~*~* Resto *~*~

So first things first.  Main set on Main Character.   
For my resto set I wanted something I could put together quickly, since I would primarily be using this gear set.   Love the Skyshatter Shaman T6 coloring and had to have the matching shield.   However at the time, my shammy was using an offhand item, so had to find something to match along with the whole vibe that was going on.  

Also showing the back.  

Items used: Skyshatter Regalia

Design on a Dime:  Now since I am Draenei, the boots don't show with the gown, and the bracers don't show with this pair of gloves.    Being the cheapskate I am, I reused boots and bracers from another set I was working with at the time.   If you are another race that the boots show on, you probably won't want to use the boots I have here.   Also  male characters may rather go with the original Skyshatter Cover, which I have substituted.   

Weapons of Mass Destruction:  Using a healer axe (no I wasn't lucky enough to ever see the FL one - so I have the Crescent Axe ) and Off-hand  Heroic Goblet of Anger.

Variation B:

Design on a Dime:  If you're finding this shield a bit too pricey in the AH, there is an exact duplicate available as a drop.  (Or if you're like me and would gladly farm instead of paying  someone in the AH.)

Weapons of Mass Destruction:  By this time I have upgraded to a mace and shield (Thank you Raid Finder)  and found I rather liked the color in Maw of the Dragonlord along with the rest of this set, so I haven't xmog'd it. 

Variation C: Spirit SkyWalker (hehe)

So along came my Tier 13 Helm (upgraded from Helm of the Nether Scion - 372 to 384 - hey, an upgrade is an upgrade)  and added this into the mix without xmog since it goes along nicely.  

Update:  Now I have my 4pc T13 set and love the bones and skulls so much I may hold on to this look for a while.  

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