Sunday, January 22, 2012

Triple Threat

~*~*~*~  PVP  ~*~*~*~

I probably should have rolled on a RP server.   Actually, I got scared away from them when a couple of friends decided to take me over to Goldshire on Moon Guard a while back and show me a "good time". 

Anyway,   RP or not... I <3 transmog.     So of course I'm going to get a set for PVP as well.  
I mean cmon, most of the mail PVP sets are so ugly, you'd think the opposing team would run away in terror on sight! 
This is where my fashion strategy comes in.   Skimpy outfit = the opposing team has to stop and drool over your toon, therefore allowing your team the advantage!  
(My friend Xica says this hasn't worked for his NE female at all, but I personally think that has more to do with him being a priest who wtfpwns people a lot. ) 

This is probably one of THE skimpiest mail sets you will find:

Items used: Sundered Defender
This is a mix 'n' match set with Defender set and Sundered set. 

Design on a Dime:  Reusing other elements we have seen before, such as the Bandit Cloak, Renegade Circlet, Zom's Crackling Bulwark, No'Kaled the Elements of Death.  
(What can I say?  I like Blue and Purple.)  
Remember also, if you need a cheaper version of Zom's to look for Stormshield of Renewal.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: 

Dagger - Gladiator's Shanker - don't worry it's still in game!

Defender Shield - original shield, but I think Zom's matches better with the mixed set.

Also please note this design is for any mail wearing class. 

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