Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mail Call - Samurai

~*~*~ Samurai ~*~*~

More fashion for the mail-minded.

Before you fall in love with this one, please note that at the current time it is not possible to get the T3 Helm and Shoulders from lvl 60 Naxx, since it is no longer in game.  (So far, no replica option, other than T7 - which doesn't match the colors for this set.)  If you have T3 stuff in your bank inventory... I hate you.  JK.  

[Shaman] Sexy Samurai

Items used: Sexy Samurai [Shaman]
It's probably totally possible to use the main set and substitute the helm and shoulders with something else that looks nice.  See below.

Sexy Samurai [any mail class]

Sexy Samurai variation 2 [any mail class]
Left: Warmonger's Cloak (Black)   Right: Cloak of the Gushing Wound (Red)

Items used: Sexy Samurai v2 [any mail class] (with both capes)

Design on a Dime: Bloodmail Legguards  are the only solid black pants available to Mail armor class (at this time).   Although it says the drop rate is low, I had a tougher time collecting the Cadaverous pieces on my druid, during the 8 or so runs for that set, I saw these pants drop at least 3-4 times. (Too bad they're BoP!)   I believe my shaman picked up these pants on her 3rd Scholomance run thru.  

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