Monday, January 23, 2012

Mail Call - Goats in Space!!

~*~*~ Voyages of the U.S.S.  Sexerprise ~*~*~

Space.  The final frontier.   
Really have no idea why these outfits seem like a futuristic space uniform to me, but hey, at least they're not made of Lycra or Spandex! (even if the pants look like it!)

Commander of the Sexerprise

Items used: Commander Number One

Design on a Dime: the belt used here is Alliance only - the Horde version of this belt matches the Defender/Sundered set, and it is purchased from the vendor in Alterac Mountains area or inside Alterac Valley itself, for only 60 Honor Points.   
If you are Horde, use the belt from the next set instead.  

Items used:  Captain

Design on a Dime: Bloodmail Legguards  are the only solid black pants available to Mail armor class (at this time).   Although it says the drop rate is low, I had a tougher time collecting the Cadaverous pieces on my druid, during the 8 or so runs for that set, I saw these pants drop at least 3-4 times. (Too bad they're BoP!)   I believe my shaman picked up these pants on her 3rd Scholomance run thru.  

Random Pic:

Whoa now that's a HUGE fish!

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