Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Update

Sorry guys, I haven't abandoned you, I've been procrastinating and doing other things lately.  
I've been in Ponyville!    I <3 MLP:FiM.   Total Brony!  (or Filly or Pegasister - haven't quite figured out that part yet! lol)  
Anyway,  I have been doing some more stuff with Gimp and Pony Creator and stuff.
Check out my DeviantArt page if you want - but warning it's all pony-related stuff atm.  
~pixiglow @ DA

If you haven't checked out MLP:FiM you should do so!  It's actually very well written, the characters are awesome, and it's a lot of fun.   Watch here:
Season 1 -

Season 2 -

Anyway,  I should be back soon to finish up Confetti Accessories and some other stuff.  

Random pic:

My pony alter ego - PixiGlow:

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