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Cloth: 3.1 Confetti for Spring!

Confetti for Mage, Warlock, (& Priest)

*singing*   I don't think you're rea-dy for Con-fetti!  (to Bootylicious by Destiny's Child)

Alright got that out of my system.  >.<
So we're focusing on the Confetti set with easily obtainable robes and the head & shoulders that are NOT priest only.  

{Remember however if you ARE a priest you can use either of the head/shoulders combos on the previous post as well. }

Scintillating Headdress of Second Sight  drops from Heroic-only Auchenai Crypts
& Vestia's Pauldrons of Inner Grace   drops from Normal or Heroic Mechanar - Cache of the Legion - Wowhead posts say this auto unlocks now from killing Gatewatcher Gyro-kill. 
{Sadly, I killed both Gatewatchers & Gyro-kill was the second one I killed, so I cannot confirm this for myself yet.}

Additionally,  for the gloves/belt/bracers/boots you can use any of the combos shown in the Confetti sets on the previous post,  however I'm going to be focusing on these two combos:
Combo 1: Non-Heroic
Combo 1: Non-Heroic2 sets of boots are included since they are both the same model - so whichever is easier for you to aquire.

Combo 2: Heroic
Combo 2: Heroic

Replacing Juju Hex Robes

Lookalike Robes
There are 3 robes with the same model as Juju Hex Robes, that you can transmog, however none of them are the white/pink color.  

I dont really care for this one, but I am recommending the green/gold pvp belt if you choose the Beaded Robes.

Ancestral + blue/green
Ancestral + pink/purple
A little better.

Mystic's (Left)
Mystic's (Middle)
Mystic's (Right)
I like the Right one best of these. 

Replacing Juju Hex Robes

Alternative Robes
These are different model robes that look nice and are easily obtainable from your Auction House, or you can also farm them if you feel the prices are too high.  

White Linen:
Non-heroic blue/green
Heroic pink/purple

Non-heroic blue/green
Heroic pink/purple
Check AH.

Non-heroic blue/green
Heroic pink/purple
Noble's Robe is a drop from Randolph Moloch, in Stormwind Stockades.
May be tricky for Horde to get into SW, but Stocks is an instance so you don't really have to worry about getting ganked unless someone's bored enough to wait for you to reset.

Non-heroic blue/green
Heroic pink/purple
Drop from mobs in Blackfathom Deeps.

Non-heroic blue/green
Heroic pink/purple

Non-Heroic blue/green
Heroic pink/purple
Random drop from mobs level 38 elite - 43 normal.
Majority listed are from Eastern & Western Plaguelands.
Check AH.

Next up: Confetti weapons/accessories 

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