Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cloth: Confetti : Update

Update on Confetti :
Glowlite modeling Confetti A2  with Chillwind Staff

Confetti A2

Gloves of Meditation are Not Priest only, and are created from Tailoring. They can also be used with the other purple sets, instead of Hallowed Handwraps, for example.  The purple was not shown with the Confetti Spring sets,  however here is what it would look like with the all cloth Aurora Robes:

Confetti for Spring: Purple Aurora
This version is much easier to try and obtain than getting the heroic belt, gloves, and boots from early Cata raids, especially if you are on a low pop server or don't do any cross-realm raiding.  The only heroic item included in this set is the pink/purple belt.

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